Night Sleep v. Day Sleep

Day Sleep vs Night Sleep

Day Sleep vs Night Sleep

Why Night sleep v. Day sleep – Is night sleep important to our health?
Study shown, that women working night shift and getting their sleep during the day are prone to breast cancer at a higher degree than those who sleep in dark / night sleep
Cancer Research shown some valuable information. Sleeping for several hours in nighttime, in darkness promotes healthy blood level of a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin significantly suppress the growth of breast tumours. It is not only important to sleep at night, but in darkness. Sleeping while exposed to light setting the stage for growth and proliferation of breast cancer cells.
This study provides evidence that may partly explain why breast cancer is five times more common in industrialized nations compared to less developed countries. It may also explain why visually challenged people have lower rates of cancer than people who have no problems with vision.
Here are the essential details from a study:
By testing on rats, they found some co-relation between tumour growth and melatonin blood levels in rats that had malignant liver cancer. They did further testing by grafting human breast cancel cells into the rats.

By exposing tumours to blood with low melatonin level and tumours to blood with high melatonin level and samples taken following exposure during night time (darkness / high melatonin level) and period of day time (low melatonin level). The samples exposed to low melatonin level shown high prolifrative activity.
The importance of night sleep (in darkness) has to be emphasized to produce an optimal amount of melatonin as well as other hormones, testosterone etc.
Of course the above are not the only factors for overall health to prevent cancer – peace of mind (stress free living), healthy diet, physical activity, focus on building the immune system has high importance.

Bringing up this subject stemmed from talking to one of my client, who shared with me, that she sleeps during the day and does most of her activities at night. She complains about obesity, depression etc.
I suggested to her to start to go to bed earlier at night and cut the sleep time during the day. She has to be kind to her body and apply her new fund knowledge.

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